Regions: South America


IDC (Intelligent Digital Charts) – is an exclusive partner in South America for AptolinkPRO and is located in Sao Paulo, Brazil. IDCI offers FUI! to their clients throughout Brazil and other South American countries. If you’re a company interested in improving your business’s asset management and ROI by using a proven Mobile Enterprise Logistics Solution, please contact IDC for all inquiries.

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  • Address: R Alexandre Dumas, 1601 – 6. floor – Chacara Santo Antonio – Sao Paulo SP. CEP 04717-004
  • Tel: +55 11 5641-8163


Regions: Other

AptolinkPRO is currently recruiting companies as regional partners for its Mobile Enterprise Logistics Solution – Link-PRO, which offers both Proprietary Route Optimization algorithm and Proprietary Sort by Time algorithm, that automatically make decisions in scheduling delivery routes and technician visits based on either a single start location or individual start locations. Link-PRO enables businesses to more efficiently and effectively manage their fleet resources and integrates with your ERP system. Link-PRO can also be customized for any application involving location-based and time-based decision making.


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