Strategic Benefits for Businesses - White paper


A Mobile Enterprise Logistics Solution.

Strategic Benefits for Your Business

When a business aligns their enterprise logistics solution with their strategic goals, the business benefits are realized immediately – improved efficiency. In addition, if the solution is mobile-based, business managers and owners benefit by gaining an increase in visibility of their fleet and a reduction in fleet cost thru a decrease in (1) fuel usage cost and (2) personnel cost, to name a few costs.

Link-PRO is a mobile enterprise logistic solution that complements a business’s ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) and TMS (Transport Management System) solutions by providing:

  1. Route optimization of each driver’s daily deliveries or service visits.
  2. Visibility of the fleet and each driver’s real-time location and delivery/service activity.
  3. Real-time customer and delivery information.

In the following section, we describe the business benefits that our customers have realized with Link-PRO.

The Complete Solution

Link-PRO is an end-to-end mobile enterprise logistic solution that integrates into your business processes. Because these processes are inter-related, the benefits can be achieved across the entire business line:

  1. REST Web Services send and receive delivery and order information automatically
    • “Securely” send daily orders (in XML format) to AptoLink-PRO’s server.
    • “Securely” receive summarized delivery confirmation (in XML format) to your ERP or TMS server.
    • As an option, Link-PRO’s provides a file POSTing interface that allows the user to post CSV or XML formatted files, and receive their return delivery files in CSV format through the Dashboard interface.
  2. Optimized driving route means…
    • Less mileage driven equals lower fuel cost.
    • Less time drivers are on the road.
      • May allow for additional deliveries at the end of the day.
      • Provides for more efficient use of the drivers time at the end of the day.
    • Drivers are more efficient when completing their delivery using the smart mobile app…
      • Less time spent summarizing the delivery information and sending the data back to the business’s ERP or TMS system – this process happens automatically when the driver confirms the delivery.
      • Visual overview and delivery sequence – the Admin can see where the driver is located, what deliveries were completed, when deliveries were completed, and the summarized information.
      • Geo-tag businesses with Lat/Long and update the location information – incorrect or new business location addresses can be captured and entered into the EPR or TMS system.
      • Use the Smartphone’s map features for navigation.
      • Use the Smartphone’s GPS/GNSS as a compass to assist in navigating – which direction am I traveling? This question is answered by viewing the compass in the GNSS screen.
    • Fleet visibility…
      • Know your drivers’s locations at all times – visually see up to 5 drivers at a time. Drivers’s location are refreshed every 20 secs and displayed on the Admin interface.
      • Send and receive SMS text message thru the mobile app – input a note and send it to the desired phone number.
      • View video or photos that have been uploaded with the delivery confirmation information – local information may need to be captured at the time of delivery, which is then automatically sent to the ERP or TMS system.
      • View the delivery summary data thru the Admin interface – click on the inverted teardrop and see the delivery information – date/time of delivery completed, type of delivery (or cancellation/reschedule), time, date, media, and note.
      • Respond to customer service requests with up to the minute delivery status – our Customer Service interface allows the Admin or the customer reps to enter the order number of the customer and get an overview of where the driver is in-route and an estimated time of delivery. The information changes in real-time as the driver progresses thru their delivery sequence throughout the day.

Increased Revenue

On-time delivery and improved customer service allows businesses to position themselves as high-value providers relative to their competitors, helping them gain market share. Link-PRO provides both of these benefits to their customers which enables them to provide better customer service and gain additional market share, increasing revenue.

Fleet Fuel Savings

Link-PRO can increased fuel economy and reduce total fuel costs across a fleet thru its Proprietary Route Optimization algorithm (and Proprietary Sort by Time algorithm) and monitoring the fleets speed. The route optimization algorithm can save 17% (or more) of the total distance driven i.e. the route driven is 17% shorter than what the driver typically drives. And by monitoring the speed of the driver, or with the driver’s knowledge that their speed is monitored, fuel efficiency can be improved by up to 22% due to driving awareness.