AptolinkPRO™ has been providing mobile and Web location-based solutions to its partners for over 8 years. Our background is comprised of experts with over 25 years of experience in product management, program management, product development, marketing and sales across the following industries:

  • Semiconductors
  • CE products
  • Mobile apps
  • Banking
  • Automotive
  • Web design
  • Database and IT development
  • Big Data Analytics

Our latest product is Link-PRO™, a Mobile Enterprise Logistics Solution, was developed to address the demand for a cost-effective and efficient asset tracking solution with detailed information presented through a Dashboard interface to empower small, medium and large enterprises in managing their resources.

Link-PRO™ uses (RESTful) Web Services to communicate with our client’s ERP (enterprise resource planning) server to receive delivery orders and information on a daily basis. Then using our “Proprietary Route Optimization” algorithm, Link-PRO generates a delivery list (ordered first to last) for each driver, which is then downloaded to the driver’s Smartphone. As delivery confirmation and location information is uploaded to the Link-PRO server, the client’s Admin monitors their fleet’s progress throughout the day using the Web interface. All driver delivery information is forwarded to the client’s ERP server for final analysis.

Link-PRO also has a “Sort by Time” feature that uses a proprietary algorithm that takes technician service visit and times, and arranges the service visits by their time of day, travel distance and end of day cut-off time. If the service visits are too close together, or doesn’t allow for enough travel time for the technician to arrive to the next service visit, the algorithm 1st) moves the service visit(s) to later in the day, then 2nd) tries to schedule the visit(s) to another driver for the same day, and finally 3rd) moves the visit to the next day and re-schedules for that day. Service visits are then arranged according to “first in first out” submission to the Sort by Time algorithm, so older visits are reassigned before newer visits.

AptolinkPRO also develops customized solutions based upon our Link-PRO solutions, in addition to new developments. Some of the custom developments that use our core location and proprietary algorithm are:
1) Learning Center enrollment by course discipline. Learning Centers located throughout an area or region that offered course registrations for a variety of disciplines. And given the registered students’s location (per their registered address), we enrolled the students to the location closest to the registered address. If that Learning Center location was full for that course discipline, then students would be placed in the next closet location to their registered address.

2) Asset Tracking based on cellular hardware (HW) ID – IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) number. Given a cellular HW IMEI number, the owner or Admin would input this number through their Link-PRO personal account. The cellular HW would be programmed by the owner or Admin with AptolinkPRO server address ID and the cellular carrier’s APN number to send the location data to our server. The Dashboard interface would give the account owner or Admin visibility of the device’s or asset’s location.

3) Regional Language, Flexible Dashboard Interface. Link-PRO allows clients/customers to come on-board in any region of the world by simply inputting the local/regional language equivalence for each word (in English), through the Dashboard interface. This flexibility provides our clients with a fast-time-to-market implementation of the Link-PRO solution to address their immediate requirements.

4) Total Calories Consumed using METS (Metabolic Equivalent of Task) Across Elevation Changes. A MET calculation provides an estimated calorie burn for an activity and includes in the calculation are: activity type (sleep, cycling, running, walking, etc), total weight and time. Calories = METS x weight (kg) x time (hours). 1 MET is equal to 1 kcal / kg / hour for a physical activity. MET values have been created according to the activity or exercise; however, elevation changes and a wide range of speeds are not included in the calculation. Using the collected GPS data, AptolinkPRO created a modifier value that includes elevation changes and speed. For example, as the cyclist is changing elevation during the ride, the outputted value in the MET calculation is multiplied by a “modifier” and is used to create an estimated calories consumed. This modified MET value has been cross checked with an actual heart rate monitor, and is within about 15% of the true estimated calories. Because this is an estimate, actual calories consumed will vary per person and per activity.

AptolinkPRO’s expertise covers the following areas:

  • Web and Web Service development
    • PHP
    • Perl
    • Python
    • C#, C++
    • Yii
    • Drupal
    • RESTful
    • SOAP
  • Database development
    • MongoDB
    • SQL, MySQL
  • Web Interface development
    • HTML/5
    • CSS
    • Javascript
  • Smartphone development
    • Android
    • iOS
    • Windows
    • Cordova